Finally it is time to get in tune with the times which are: behold my blog.

Here you will find the history of my destiny singer.Destiny marked by vagaries divine, for the love of my parents and a seed of hope that has grown on me from the beginning, that is the extent of my dreams, those that day by day and inch for inch redescubro in the sweet glances my two loves elected: Rai and Lucía Morena...

I hope you like it and find it enjoyable reading as I was pleased-yet-desandar also cathartic for you my story.

Now, yes, thank you for your visit!

Write me and let me comment on the gate and we will be contacting all tastes.

A warm welcome to my blog!


"That door was opened for your step ..."
(of the tango "Ninguna", to Manzi and Siro)